Café that Makes a Transformation

With coffee being such a large part of Colombian as well as American culture, the idea to sell coffee to run the girls’ home came easily enough. We stormed the mountains of Colombia looking for a coffee bean that would be the most desirable in the US.

An award winning coffee farmer offered his product at cost after hearing how the profit is used to run the crisis pregnancy center. As an added bonus, his coffee is certified and organic and some of the most flavorful in the country. Once we had the coffee beans and a plan, finding buyers proved to be the easy part. Friends bought it for themselves and to give as gifts. Realtors used it for housewarming gifts, churches served it on Sunday mornings and coffee aficionados bought it just because it was good. Not only were they getting a good product, they knew that buying the coffee provided funds to remove girls from sex trade and get them off the streets.

Friends, families and even church youth groups act as distributors for the coffee in their own circles, allowing our project to move forward. All the proceeds go into the crisis pregnancy center.

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We sell 1/2 pound organic dark roast for only $10 a pound. We have a five bag minimum to make up for shipping cost. We also sell 5 pound bags for churches, schools, and companies. If you are interested in ordering in bulk please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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