Esther's Home

We thank God that we received a property with a nice home for an amazing price. After evaluating the house with engineers and architect, we have created a plan for remodeling and expanding the house to have the greatest impact on the girls transformation. We have designed the home thinking of the needs of today and tomorrow as we grow as a ministry.

In Short,the Girl’s Home will:

Give Housing to:

  • 15 pregnant girls with their babies
  • 12 short term missionaries
  • 2 house mothers.

Provide Trade Skills to the Girls, as Well as a Small Community Center for the Neighborhood:

  • Classroom with 15 computers to obtain the GED and skills to become a secretary.
  • Three seat beauty salon to train to be a beautician.
  • Leather shop giving a trade skill to work the leather companies.
  • Industrial sowing machine class room to give the skills to work in largest textile city in Colombia.

Provide Hands On Christian Therapy:

  • Outdoor chapel to minister to the spiritual needs.
  • Large nursery and play ground for the kids to stimulate intelligence and build relationship with their mother.
  • Group/Individual therapy rooms to minister to the heart and soul to be set free from all pains and become free to move forward to accomplish God goals for their lives.
  • Cut flower and vegetable garden so the girls can learn responsibility and see the fruits of their labor.


We are very excited on how God is going to use this home to rescue the girls and community. Many people will be transformed in Christ and given the skills to provide for their children.

We are surprised to see God raise Colombian leaders to help the project from the very beginning. For example, the owner of the home sold it for a lower price seeking to help the girls. The notary gave us discounts on the paper work. God gave us grace with the government to obtain building permits. The architect normally charges $4,000 and only charged us $800. The structural engineer normally charges $5,000 and he did the plans for free. And the civil engineer for the building project is working merely for cost. Also, as we are asking for materials, God is providing us people to sell us at cost or below to build Esther’s Home.

We wish to invite you, your family, and/or your business to prayerfully consider about being a part to furnish the furniture of one of our rooms. We have raised the money to build the home and some Colombians have committed to some of the furnishing to the home. If you purchase a complete room, we will name the room after you to remember your genorousity, and to be testimony to the girls of the people that came together to give them a better life.

Second Floor

Second Floor

Three Girl’s Rooms 5 girls and babies in each Room $5,000 Each Room

 Team Rooms 3 rooms with 4 people in each room $1,500 Each Room

First Floor

First Floor  Computer Classroom: 15 Computers and Desk $8,000

Beauty Salon Classroom 3 stations $1,200

Group Counseling/Living Room $6,500 Kitchen/Pantry $5,000

Dining Room $2,000

Nursery $1,000


 Semi-Basement Industrial Sewing Machine Room six machines $2,600

Leather/Pottery Workshop $1,000

God has already provided for some of the rooms that are not valued on this presentation. If you would like to help partially or fully sponsor one of the rooms just earmark your check with room and the proceeds will go directly towards furnishing the room for the girls. We project our grand opening for October. If you would like to commit for a room and donate later ,you can e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to separate your room. Thank you very much for praying and partnering with our ministry. Some that read this news letter have been with us for fifteen years.

We are eternally thankful for your faithfulness! God has truly used our partnership to make a transformation in Colombia. May we move in His speed to restore and empower the


Please Earmark your Contribution for Which Room You Wish to Invest and Make Payable to G.T.M., P.O. Box 85356, Baton Rouge, LA 70884

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