Who We Are


  1. To glorify God and share his love through holistic and culturally relevant Christian ministries which impart biblical values and ultimately transform communities
  2. Meet spiritual needs within the given culture and community through the preaching and teaching of the Bible.
  3. Develop ministries to meet physical and emotional needs of abandoned and/or exploited children, youth, and adults by providing rehab for drug addictions, support for victims of sex trafficking and abandonment; Assistance shall include, but is not limited to, food, clothing, shelter, education, counseling, and psychosocial training skills.
  4. Develop local leaders to impact their communities and beyond with Christian values and equip them with the necessary resources.


Individuals and Communities Globally Transformed Into the Image of Christ.


Missionary couple Brian and Katherine Miller have been working with street children in Medellin, Colombia since 1996.  Through their ministry they oversaw a street boys ministry, started a ministry to sexually exploited girls, and another ministry to sexually exploited pregnant girls.  In addition, they have helped start three church plants.

After working many years with street children in Medellin, there are still over 3,500 kids living on the streets.  In 2013, God gave the family a new vision on how to reach the impoverished in Colombia.  Global Transformation Ministries was formed with the purpose of reaching influential individuals within a community to reach out to the impoverished within their city and throughout the world.

Through the indigenous church plant, the ministry reaches out to upcoming leaders through university ministries (similar to Campus Crusade for Christ) as well as to active leaders of the community.  Lord willing, by winning these leaders for Christ they in return will reach out to the impoverished in their communities.  By doing so, Christ will make a complete transformation within the city touching each social class.

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